Hand Sewing For Kids – The First Steps to Sewing

6a011570915aed970b014e5f375094970cThere’s an easy, not to mention fun, way to teach your kids how to sew. Kids might not be very interested to work with needles and threads than play with trucks and dolls.

However, when you make them see that sewing is actually entertaining and enjoyable, they would surely be completing projects after projects.

Before anything else, you have to familiarize the kids to the use of the tools in their sewing kits.

It is best to prepare small, child-friendly scissors, thimbles, and needles with large eyes for easier threading. To make it more colorful and get their creative juices flowing, use embroidery thread instead of the regular sewing thread.

Let Kids Explore

It is best to start with hand sewing because kids manipulate the needle and thread themselves. It also opens their eyes on exactly what sewing is about. They experience first-hand how the needle goes up and down on fabric and how the thread follows where the needle goes. It opens their eyes on how the sewing machine works so this is the best way to begin their adventure.

Practice Makes Perfect

2c1ddd63e9cd225ca79557b16dfbb242To start, have embroidery thread of different colors ready together with Styrofoam plates and needles with dull points. For their practice projects, use Styrofoam plates that can easily be poked with those dull needles. You might need some pen or pencil nearby so they can draw their own patterns on the plates once they get used to it.

Ask them to poke through the plates using the needles. You can start by teaching them how to create lines or simple patterns. Then as they start having more fun, they can make their own drawings that they can sew along with.